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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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There are endless ways to attack the online world but what we have seen and experienced over the last decade has provided us the ability to offer a powerful service for long-term e-business success.

STEP 1. You Need a domain – URL (

STEP 2. You need a Place to Serve your Website (Hosting)

STEP 3. You need a kick Ass website that is built to suit your direction (Website)

STEP 4. Your Website needs Consistent Support and Management (select from our 4 x Monthly Subscriptions)

STEP 5. To be found by Google search engines you need SEO (Included in Maintain, Growth, and Skyrocket Subscriptions)

STEP 6. For your e-business to really gain traction you will need a few special Services (Service Bundles)


Hire our Team

Hire our Team on an hourly basis has become very popular service with our clients. Gain instant access to our Website Engineers  to complete new task that are outside of our standard service bundles.

Website Check

We offer a complimentary checks on our potential website customers to find out the health of your live website. We can only complete web checks on english sites

Can you do SEO Repairs?

If your site has received severe warning or if you have been doing very dirty black hat link building, we probably cannot help you.

Do I need a Service Bundle right away?

Yes & No depending your current situation and level of online skills. When these essential services are done right you will begin to see how powerful google search engines can really be.

What is a Static Website?

Static Websites contain web pages with fixed content. They are the most basic type of website and are what most people go for. Static websites work very well for small or large companies, who understand the KISS principle. (keep it simple stupid)

What is a plugin?

The reason why WordPress is so popular is because of the amount of features that are available to your standard site. These features are called plugins and they expand the functionality of your WordPress site.

What other things do I need to consider?

Domain Purchasing – we can help you find the best domain
Exclusive fast web hosting – host it yourself or allow us to do this for you.
SSL Certificates – required if your site will do online payments.

Once my eCommerce website is complete then what?

We take our clients success very serious so provided in every package is a training component that guides and provides you the ability to manage your new online shop yourself. Buy from us and we will be there to walk you through it.

Will my website be secure?

Our systems are built from the ground up and equipped with SSL certificate, ensuring the shops foundations are set for performance and security. Our team completes security checks before handing your site over.

Do I have spend all my hrs right away?

Short answer is NO – you have 6 months to complete your purchased package. All assigned task and requests are tracked and documented for your peace of mind. If you require something that is not listed we still have the capabilities to complete it. We can’t list everything!

I need more hrs and a bigger Team?

No problem we can assign you to a single team member or introduce you to a team of your own that will serve all your needs large or small. Long Term volume discounts apply’

Do I have to be on every Social Media Platform?

Every business is different, so we will need to check you out and go from there. We do recommend having a stronger presences on the ones that provide the best outcomes opposed to be everywhere but doing nothing for your brand/service.

How long do I have to do Social Media?

Social Media is all about making quality noise, and engaging with your clients and potential customer. This process is never ending and is why so many businesses today are engaging with social media consultants to take care of it.

Do I really need SEO?

Simple answer YES – unfortunately if you want to expand your business and make more money online you need to go through a search engine optimisation process, and the more money you spend the better the result you will achieve. You are who google says you are.

Can you Guarantee Google Rankings?

Simple answer NO – (that’s what we are suppose to say)
We do have a great track record for all our clients websites on google, Yahoo and Bing.

Do you offer Additional Marketing Services?

Yes there are too many services to list – let us know what you need the most help with an we could set you up with the the right team member.

Payment Options?

All Listed Fees are AUD only.
This website is protected and secure to accept PayPal & Credit Card payments. We are also happy to process your payments over the phone for your own peace of mind. All monthly subscription payments are set up on auto payment for client convenience.

What are your specials & deals so I dont miss out?

We really hope you stay with us for as long as possible, so you truly appreciate and experience the advantages of doing business with us.
Checkout these awesome offers for all our loyal customers that qualify.

  1. Commit to a Monthly Subscription and pay upfront for 12 months to receive the discounted annual fee, plus receive a website face lift for Christmas.
  2. All Sky Rocket Customers will receive our exclusive DIGITAL ART BUNDLE spread over your first 3 payments valued over $1000 bucks.
    3. More Awesome deals not far away.